Talahib at Rosas Movie Full (1994)

Talahib at Rosas Movie stars Cesar Montano and Anjanette Abayari. Produced by Viva Films and directed by Jose ‘Kaka’ Balagtas, this action-packed movie is about a prisoner who was released in exchange for a rescue operation of a town mayor’s sister. But after rescuing her, he did not realize that the mastermind is the mayor himself.

Talahib at Rosas Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano plays Jacob, a prisoner, and was jailed after he was accused of killing several soldiers, but he was only a victim of a set-up. On the other hand, Anjanette Abayari plays Aba, a daughter of a rich couple who has an adopted son Jake (Albert Martinez), a corrupt mayor.

One day, Aba’s parents were killed by a bomb inside their car. Aba lives in the US and decided to return to the Philippines.

On their way home, Aba was kidnapped by a terrorist group led by Kumander Baliling (Bembol Roco). But instead of giving the P5 million ransom, town police chief Dante Rivero suggested to Jacob that he will be released from jail but he should rescue Aba. Jacob agreed but it did come as easy as he planned. But after Jacob rescued Aba, he later learned that Jake is the mastermind and the mayor plans to kill them both.

Talahib at Rosas Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Anjanette Abayari, Albert Martinez, Dante Rivero, Bembol Roco, Ramon Christopher, Renato Del Prado, Dexter Doria, Rex Lapid, Sabrina M, Danny Riel, Boy Roque, Karen Salas, Clemente Soriano, Edwin Reyes, Lito Garcia, Frank Young, Levi Ignacio and many more.

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