Sige Subukan Mo Full Movie (1998)

Sige Subukan Mo is a Filipino action-comedy film directed by Francis “Jun” Posadas released in 1998. Starring action-star Ace Vergel and actress Maricel Soriano as the love interest, with the antagonist played by the veteran actor Eddie Gutierrez.

Produced by Regal Films under Lily Monteverde and written by Joseph Balboa. The movie is set in a drug-political climate in the 90s, a dominant film trope of the action genre in the Philippines.

Sige Subukan Mo Movie Plot

The film follows David/Berting (Ace Vergel) as a hitman for his foster father Congressman Leon Manalo (Eddie Gutierrez). The movie starts with David killing some of Congressman Manalo’s rivals and is later being praised by his foster father for his good work, establishing David’s character as a ruthless killer.

One day, a fateful road accident will introduce David to Panyang (Maricel Soriano), a fishmonger with a whole lot of attitude who is always being followed by her best friend Sonia (Candy Pangilinan), a character for comedic relief. Instantly smitten by Panyang’s tomboyish and in-your-face personality, David will try to woe her, and both will later realize that their lives are more intertwined than they initially thought.

Incidents in the movie will bring David and Panyang closer together and eventually be lovers. Their love will be tested where Panyang’s sister, having shot earlier in the movie due to a politically motivated shoot-out, recalled the face of David being present in the scene and accused him of one being the shooter.

Another revelation that brought doubt to his love is where Panyang discovered that David’s family is responsible for her father’s death. However, David’s relationship with Congressman Manalo soured since he was only seen as a killer and a pet that only needs to obey his father’s orders.

After rejecting his father’s request, David was almost killed by Manalo’s henchmen and went to Panyang for help. Chaos ensues and Panyang’s sister is kidnapped by Manalo, forcing David and Panyang to work together to free her sister. A shoot-out happened, with David’s assistance, Panyang was able to take back her sister, killing Congressman Manalo and his henchmen. They were able to reconcile and later married, ending the film.

Sige Subukan Mo Movie Cast

Ace Vergel, Maricel Soriano, Eddie Gutierrez, Dan Fernandez, John Paul Canero, Orestes Ojeda, Carlos Padilla Jr., Candy Pangilinan, Daniel Pasia, Christopher Roxas, Larry Silva, Ruel Vernal, Assunta de Rossi, and many more

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