Shotgun Banjo Full Movie (1992)

Shotgun Banjo is a 1992 Filipino-language Action film written by Henry Nadong and directed by Joey Del Rosario and produced by Lily Y. Monteverde under the banner of Regal Films.

The music was composed by Nonong Buencamino. The cinematography was done by Boy Dominguez and edited by Tony Sy.

The motion picture has a running time of 104 minutes. It was released on 15th October 1992. Distribution rights for the movie were acquired by Regal Home Video.

Shotgun Banjo Plot

Young Banjo’s mother was killed by his father when he caught his wife sleeping with another man. Banjo’s life is revolving around non-stop killing and chaos. Can he survive?

Shotgun Banjo Cast

Zoren Legaspi, Ruffa Gutierrez, Miguel Rodriguez, Paquito Diaz, Lani Lobangco, Jess Lapid Jr., Orestes Ojeda, Melissa Mendez, Manjo del Mundo, Subas Herrero, Mia Gutierrez, Romeo Rivera, Gary ‘Boy’ Garcia, Jordan Castillo, Jack Silva

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