San Basilio Full Movie (1981)

San Basilio is an action film directed by Joey del Rosario and Tony Cruz produced by Lapid’s LL Productions. It featured the masked folk hero Julio Valiente – the film stars Lito Lapid, a farmer and altar boy who assumes the role of Valiente to save the town from the evil landlord Señor Escobar.

The name and character Julio Valiente were also used in another Lito Lapid’s movie Tatlong Baraha.

TRIVIA: This movie became famous for aiming the pistol at the blade of a dagger, effectively dividing the bullet and hitting two targets.

San Basilio Movie Plot Summary

In the movie. Señor Escobar (Johnny Delgado) the evil landlord of San Basilio killed Julio Valiente, their folk hero and the town’s only chance for freedom. Escobar proclaims himself to be the “King of San Basilio,” as San Basilio lost their defender. In the same night, pregnant Dolor de la Cruz (Perla Bautista) gave birth to a boy he named Estanislao, or Islaw for short.

The child grew and becomes a farmer like his father Andres and an altar server for the parish priest Padre Anselmo (Joonee Gamboa). Islaw (Lapid) has an eye for Sabel (Diane Jose), a schoolteacher and daughter of Kulas (Lito Anzures) who claims to be an old friend of Valiente.

Escobar wants more land, so he asked his lead henchman Diablo (Paquito Diaz) to force the farmers to sell their land. Andres, Islaw’s father refused and was killed by his wife.

Islaw saw the lifeless bodies of his parents and vow revenge. A horse then suddenly appears to Islaw and leads him to a cave where he later found out to be Valiente’s lair. He saw a mask and a pair of machetes encased in sheaths made of gold. Islaw uses the persona of Valiente in hopes to stop Escobar’s reign and give freedom to the townspeople.

Valiente/Islaw put long strings to each machete handle, allowing him to kill enemies in any position. Escobar then commands Diablo to kill Valiente and to verify if that is the same Valiente or someone who impersonates him.

His friend Padre Anselmo tries to stop him but failed, so as a way of supporting Valiente, he covers his track as Escobar grew his suspicion. In the end, a fencing match with Valiente killed Escobar and the townspeople fought for their freedom against Diablo and Escobar’s henchmen

San Basilio Movie Cast

Lito Lapid, Johnny Delgado, Perla Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Bomber Moran, Lito Anzures, Joonee Gamboa, Vic Varrion, Diane Jose, Rolly Lapid, Efren Lapid, Frank Lapid, Eddie Nicart, Jun Dela Guia, Robert Talby and many more.

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