Sa Bawat Tunog ng Kampana Full Movie (1983)

Sa Bawat Tunog ng Kampana is a Filipino action film set in the mountainous region of the Northern Philippines. Here, Phillip Salvador learns of the death of his father and he returns home to the mining town only to find the mysterious circumstances of the death of his father.

Intertwined with his story is the story of an indigenous tribe near the mining town struck by the tragedy of an illness and their struggle to seek medical relief in the form of the character of Susan Bautista, who in turn captures the heart of Salvador’s character.

Sa Bawat Tunog ng Kampana Movie Plot

In the movie, Philip Salvador returns to his hometown where mining is the main occupation and the owner, Don Gonzalo (Vic Diaz) is king. Rodel (Philip Salvador) seeks justice for the untimely death of his father who is the cook of the mining company owned by Don Gonzalo.

Rodel’s actions to find the true circumstances of his father’s death lead him to seek refuge in the Igorot clan who live in the mining area.

During the course of Rodel’s search for justice, he finds the source of the affliction that is affecting the community around him. He finds that mine tailings have contaminated the water supply and are gravely affecting those around the mine.

He learns that the tolling of the bells signify either joy or sorrow, welcoming or sending off or firming relationships with the faith as the bells ring each time.

Sa Bawat Tunog ng Kampana Movie Cast

Written and directed by Danny Ochoa and starred in by Phillip Salvador, Susan Bautista, Anna Marin, Orestes Ojeda, Vic Diaz, Tsing Tong Tsai, Bobby Bernos, Jose Garcia, Nieves Manuel, and Eddie Mediavillo. Produced by Nick Gutierrez and music scoring by George Canseco, edited by Edgardo Vinarao, and cinematography by Eduardo Jacinto. Released for showing in 1983.

Sa Bawat Tunog ng Kampana Full Movie

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