Roman Rapido Full Movie (1983)

Roman Rapido is a drama-action movie starring Fernando Poe Jr as a soldier during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines, with Bb Pilipinas-Universe 1979 Criselda ‘Dang’ Cecilio as his leading lady.

Produced by BSH Films and directed by Argel Joseph, this blockbuster FPJ film also featured TV host Helen Vela, famous teen actresses Julie Vega and Janice de Belen, and Sheryl Cruz who won the FAMAS Best Child Actress award for her role.

Roman Rapido Movie Plot Summary

The movie starts with Roman Rapido (FPJ) escaping from the Japanese soldiers until Mameng (Helen Vela) found him and treated him. When he recovered, thief leader Jacobo (Johnny Wilson) forced him to join his group.

But because Rapido cannot take his evil activities, he rescued the children and women and shot Jacobo in the right leg before they escaped. Rapido has a girlfriend Lourdes (Dang Cecilio), who was abducted by the Japanese with the help of Greg (Ruel Vernal), his mortal enemy.

When Roman was young, Greg’s mother adopted him but Greg was jealous of him. When they grew up and the Japanese came, Greg joined the Japanese army and hated Roman and his own mother. After the war, Rapido and Lourdes got married and had a young son, and adopted the children Carmen (Julie Vega), Corazon (Janice de Belen), Lolita (Che-Che), and Rita (Sheryl Cruz). However, Greg and Jacobo joined forces to take revenge on Roman and all of his loved ones. How can Roman protect himself from them?

Roman Rapido Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Helen Vela, Dang Cecilio, Julie Vega, Janice de Belen, Sheryl Cruz, Che-Che, Johnny Wilson, Ruel Vernal, Baby Delgado, Gene Palomo, Anita Linda, Ruben Rustia, Bing Davao, and many more.

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