Pepeng Kaliwete Full Movie (1982)

Pepeng Kaliwete is a 1982 action film directed by Pablo Santiago, written by Fred Navarro and Alex M. Sunga, and produced by FPJ Productions. The movie was nominated for Best Child Actor (Michael Pigar) at FAMAS Award.

FPJ did two versions of Pepeng Kaliwete. The original one was in 1958 back when FPJ was only nineteen years old and under contract with Premier Productions. This was one of FPJ’s earlier action movies before his landmark movie, Markado, which made the young actor climb as the country’s top action and box-office star. He then made the second version in 1982.

Pepeng Kaliwete Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, a group of farmers is being bullied by the police who were controlled by Don Dante. They are being forced to work hard with minimum wage. One of them was Pepe’s family.

Growing up, Pepe was always being reminded by his father to use his right hand even if he’s left-handed.  Pepe’s family decided to escape the group of men and live a peaceful life but unfortunately, they were being ambushed and as an excuse of the politician, the police thought they were wild boars roaming the ‘hacienda’.

Don Dante took Pepe and was trained by an American to use guns. Every day, Pepe took the special gun in the American drawer and practiced until he was old enough. The governor tried to make Pepe one of his henchmen but Pepe remembered what happened all too well so he became one of the farmers.

There he met a girl (Marianne de la Riva) who works at the nearby eatery who wants to end Don Dante’s reign as well. Don Dante trusted Pepe so much that he made him the Chief of Police in their town. Will Pepe follow Don Dante, who took care of him or will he avenge his father’s death and free his fellow farmers?

Pepeng Kaliwete Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Marianne de la Riva, Paquito Diaz, Rodolfo ‘Boy’ Garcia, Anita Linda, Ruel Vernal, Victor Bravo, Vic Varrion, Nello Nayo, Robert Rivera, Amay Bisaya, Ken Metcalf, Teody Belarmino, Michael Pigar, and many more.

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