Partida Full Movie (1985)

Partida was produced by Fernando Poe Jr himself together with Ben Yalung. It was a story about Ben Serrano as a brave heroic cop of Metro Manila mixed with an image of the underdog as well.

This was also the first-ever movie in which Armida Siguion-Reyna starred as one of his antagonists.  This cop action movie was nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Director on FAMAS Awards 1986. with an image of the underdog projected as well.

Partida Movie Plot Summary

The movie started with Fernando Poe Jr starred as Ben Serrano, a cop, and his partner, Eric, who is also a cop chasing against a group of criminals. Ben’s friend was sadly shot and died, saying that he’s never going to taste the good life again.

Hilda (Elsa Agana) which was his wife, plead to Ben to quit his job and continue building their family in the province instead. Ben was against this plan, saying that he was going to be stationed somewhere safer than where he was. She then died while giving birth.

During one of his usual car chases, he accidentally crashed into a vehicle of a rich family. Inside was the child of a rich family that was killed during the accident. Doña Lucila (Armida Siguion-Reyna) wants Ben to be punished by spending his life forever in bars though the whole police and her lawyer advised Doña Lucila that it was impossible because Ben was just doing his job as a law enforcer.

She wanted revenge so much that she went to Ben’s hometown to team up with Mayor Ledesma (George Estregan) against Ben and his brother who’s running for mayor against the upcoming election. Mayor Ledesma as corrupt as he is then agreed. Now, Ben Serrano will take matters into his own hands to fight against all odds.

Partida Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Armida Siguion-Reyna, Miguel Rodriguez, Elsa Agana, Paquito Diaz, Eddie Arenas, George Estregan, Greggy Liwag, Bing Davao, Romy Diaz, Michael St. James, Bomber Moran, and many more.

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