Overtime Full Movie (2014)

Overtime is a 2014 Philippine action drama film written and directed by Earl IgnacioWincy and Aquino Ong. The film stars Richard Gutierrez, Lauren Young, and Roi Vinzon in the leading roles. It was produced by GMA Films.

Overtime Plot

Jodi is a lonely Executive Assistant at a pharmaceutical company. Her home life is not pleasant. Her father is an alcoholic and a gambler. Her mother is struck with emphysema. She has a younger brother named Brian.
Jodi provides for her family. She pays all the bills, including Alex’s tuition fees. Jodi’s dream is to find a man who will whisk her away from her obligations to her family. Jodi, being the CEO’s Executive Assistant, is tasked to organize the CEO’s upcoming 50th birthday.

One Friday evening, Jodi is hard at work on her computer. On her computer, a long-time chat mate asks her if they could finally meet up for dinner. Tired and lonely, Jodi obliges to meet this mystery man. Jodi and her chatmate meet up in a restaurant. His name is Dom. The sparks fly between them. Dom invites Jodi to his apartment and Jodi obliges.

While at Dom’s apartment, Jodi senses that something is not right with Dom. Jodi wakes up with a bomb strapped to her torso. Dom tells her that she should immediately go to her office, and when the time for the press conference comes, she should make sure everyone who attends dies. Or else, Dom will do her brother harm. Jodi heads to her office and uses her wits in playing the terrorist’s wicked game.

Dom communicates with Jodi via a headset and tells her the rules of the game along the way. With the help of a hacker office mate, Raffy, she devises a plan to avert Dom’s plans. Meanwhile, Lola Vi, a retired lady cop is on the last day of her job. She is discharged from the police force due to her age and apparent respiratory problems.

As she settles back into her lonely apartment, she sees a boy being abducted by her neighbor next door. Intrigued, she dives head-on into an investigation all her own to rescue the boy from Dom. The plot thickens. In the end, we discover that Dom used to be an employee of a pharmaceutical company.

Years later, he had blown the whistle on the company upon discovering an underground facility that tests drugs on street urchins. He survived a murder attempt orchestrated by the CEO and swore vengeance upon the company thereafter. Jodi and Raffy diffuse the bomb. The CEO takes Jodi hostage and takes her into an elevator where Dom is waiting. The two men fight each other to the death, leaving the CEO in a puddle of blood. When the pandemonium subsides, Dom is nowhere to be found by the police.

Overtime Cast

Richard Gutierrez, Lauren Young, Roi Vinzon, Mitch Valdez, Bearwin Meily, Renz Valerio, William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Edwin Reyes, Ruby Ruiz, Frencheska Farr, Adrian Ramirez

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