Montemayor Tulisang Dagat Full Movie (1984)

Montemayor Tulisang Dagat is an action drama movie starring Rudy Fernandez as Lando Montemayor, a pirate whose father was the leader of the group but was killed by members of a huge syndicate.

But besides being in the underground world, Lando also has a conflict with his brother. This film was produced by Bonanza Films and directed by Nilo Saez.

Montemayor Tulisang Dagat Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Bacobo (Ronaldo Valdez) replaced his father as the leader of the pirates after the latter was killed.

However, he changed the principles of his father that only the rich syndicate shall be robbed. This time, pirates shall also rob even small-time fishermen, in which his younger brother Lando disagrees. This started the conflict between them.

Montemayor Tulisang Dagat Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Rio Locsin, Ronaldo Valdez, Angela Perez, Leopoldo Salcedo, Paquito Diaz, Philip Gamboa, Max Alvarado, Mon Godiz, Bert Olivar, and many more.

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