Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin Full Movie (2000)

Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin is an action romance film starring Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr and Judy Ann Santos. Produced by Millenium Cinema and directed by Danilo P. Cabreira.

This Bong Revilla movie features Alex Sembrano, an NBI agent who was assigned to destroy a huge syndicate.

Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin Movie Plot

In the movie, Anna Liwanag (Judy Ann) is a haciendera who was a target of assassination after her father was killed.

After a hitman failed to kill her, she left home but armed people fired at their vehicles. Luckily, she was able to escape. The two met when Anna was held hostage by the hired killer that Alex was running after. Coincidentally, Alex and Anna became neighbors.

Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin Movie Cast

Ramon Bong Revilla Jr, Judy Ann Santos, Edu Manzano, Carmina Villaroel, Dennis Padilla, Nino Muhlach, Bob Soler, Caridad Sanchez, Zandro Zamora, Odette Khan, Dang Cruz, Whitney Tyson, Tom Olivar, and many more.

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