Masahol Pa Sa Hayop Full Movie (1993)

Masahol Pa Sa Hayop is an action movie starring Phillip Salvador as Capt. Tomas Padilla, a tough and dedicated member of Scout Ranger.

Produced by Four N Films and directed by Augusto Salvador, this film earned FAMAS Best Picture, Best Director award for Augusto Salvador, and Best Actor award for Phillip Salvador; as well as FAP Awards Best Picture and FAP Best Actor award for Ipe.

Masahol Pa Sa Hayop Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Padilla and his men had a successful operation against NPA rebels in Bicol. After his short vacation with his family, Brig. Gen. Menencio Montalban (Jun Aristorenas) assigned a secret mission to him and his men to Cagayan to rescue Gov. Roberto Agatep (Bob Soler) from his mansion, saying that the latter is in danger from his own security.

But without Padilla’s knowledge, the said mission is Montalban’s personal revenge against Agatep. In earlier years, Agatep was the town mayor and Montalban was only a captain and has a spoiled brat son who is involved in illegal activities. In one encounter, Agatep killed Montalban’s son while defending himself. And now, Padilla and his men will be in great danger against Montalban’s men.

Masahol Pa Sa Hayop Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Jun Aristorenas, Agot Isidro, Efren Reyes Jr, Jessica Rodriguez, Willie Revillame, Philip Gamboa, Dencio Padilla, Bob Soler, Terence Baylon, Jessie Delgado, Atoy Co, Bernard Fabiosa, Ruel Vernal, King Gutierrez, Conrad Poe, Ernie Forte, Ernie Zarate, Johnny Vicar, Benedict Aquino, Turko Cervantes, Sabrina M, and many more.

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