Maruso Full Movie (1987)

Maruso is a 1987 movie dubbed the “Robin Hood of Angeles City”. It was directed by Lito Lapid and produced by Emilia Blas and Orlando C. Lapid. The movie is inspired by a modern-day Robin Hood story.

Maruso Movie Plot

Lito Lapid played Romeo Maruso, the main character in the movie who became a Robin Hood-like burglar in Angeles City.

Just like Robin Hood, he robs the rich and generously gives the money he has stolen to the poor. Interestingly enough, no matter how the authorities pursue him, he remains to be rather elusive.

Since the poor villagers benefited greatly from his altruistic efforts of generously giving the money he has stolen to them in return, they did their best to hide him from the police who were trying to catch him.

The movie opens with an old man telling a story to little kids. He wasn’t interested in telling the story of mythical creatures but he focused the attention of the children on the story of a boy named Romeo Maruso.

Even as a little boy, the old man noted how incredible Maruso is at climbing walls while hopping from one house to another.

As he grew up, he joined a group of burglars who made him do all the work but only gave him a bit of loot from the money he stole.

Furious at how he was treated by the said burglars, he decided to become a thief on his own. He grew up to be rather an expert of his own craft but at the expense of his very own mother as well as his brother hating what he does for a living.

What’s amusing is Maruso’s funny habit of inviting himself to eat at the very house he robbed leaving food leftovers as well as unwashed plates as clues of his crime.

Maruso Movie Cast

Lito Lapid, Georfe Estregan, Angela Perez, Charlie Davao, Romy Diaz, Mishelle Zobel, Hero Bautista, Rolly Lapid, Efren Lapid, Lucia Soriano, Nona Herrera, Ernie Zarate, Paquito Salcedo, Frank Lapid, Jun De Guia, Eddie Gicoso, Bernie Mallari, Ernie Lapid, Vic Ramos, Eddie LAxa, Pablo Tolentino, Big Boy Gomez, Luis David, Roger Mangiliman, and Lito Villanocencio

Maruso Full Movie

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