Maria Full Movie (2019)

Maria is a 2019 Filipino action film produced by Viva Films in partnership with Netflix. The movie starred Cristine Reyes as the protagonist playing the title character Maria and with Germaine De Leon and KC Montero sharing the antagonist role.

The movie was directed by Pedring A. Lopez who also directed the 2015 horror film Binhi (The Seed). Pedring also co-wrote Maria together with Yz Carbonell and Rex Lopez

Maria Movie Plot

In the movie, Maria who was formerly known as Lily, a Black Rose cartel assassin failed to complete a mission that would lead to her execution. To escape her death, she staged her death with the help of her mentor Greg (Ronnie Lazaro).

The staged death was a success giving Lily the opportunity to live a different and peaceful life away from the cartel. Lily as Maria started her own family with her husband Bert and daughter Min-min.

Meanwhile, Kaleb (Germaine De Leon), a member of the Black Rose organization as well as former boyfriend and partner-in-crime of Lily had found out that she is still alive. While tracking Lily down, Kaleb eventually killed Bert and Min-min.

The death of the two most important people in Lily’s life had filled her with so much grief leading her to hunt the ones responsible for her misery.

Maria Movie Cast

Cristine Reyes, Germaine De Leon, KC Montero, Ronnie Lazaro, Freddie Webb, Guji Lorenzana, Johanna Rish Tongcua, Jennifer Lee, Cindy Miranda, Andrea Del Rosario, Miel Manalang, Johnny Revilla, Ronnie Liang, L.A. Santos, Enzo De Guia and more.

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Maria is currently running on Netflix and we don’t have a full copy yet.

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