Mananabas Full Movie (2001)

Mananabas Movie (The Reaper) stars Cesar Montano as a soldier who became a leader of an organized vigilante group in Mindanao that claimed to have superhuman speed and strength when they drink a special kind of oil.

Produced by Maverick Films, this war-action horror-thriller film is written, line produced, screenplay, and directed by Cesar Montano himself.

Mananabas Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Lt Miguel Marasigan (Cesar Montano) and his men were massacred by their fellow soldiers. Three years later, he and his six men became Mananabas, a vigilante group that has superhuman powers.

They attack soldier camps and kill soldiers using their bolos. They later learned that Gen. Tomas Roxas (Spanky Manikan) ordered their massacre.

Gen. Roxas has a political ambition once he retires and has a goddaughter news reporter Sabrina (Josephine Canonizado). Meanwhile, only news reporter Teng (Jeffrey Tam) has witnessed the activities of the Mananabas and they allowed him to write a book about them. Miguel had a feud with his member Aragon (Rommel Montano) and they left him alone. Later, Sabrina went to the area to find out the truth about the Mananabas.

Mananabas Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Josephine Canonizado, Rommel Montano, Daniel Fernando, Spanky Manikan, Richard Merk, Sammy Lagmay, Bon Vibar, Jeffrey Tam, Mandy Ochoa, Mike Magat, Nicole Hoffer, Mina Bernales, Cris Aguilar, Joel Apalla, Jerry Lopez, Jess Sanchez, Jun Collao, Samuel Evaristo, Cris Vertido, RJ Leyran, Kevin Meyer, and many more.

Watch Mananabas Full Movie

The full movie Mananabas has been deleted from YouTube. you can watch other Cesar Montano film below.

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