Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita Full Movie (1995)

Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita Movie stars Cesar Montano and Mikee Cojuangco. Produced by Neo Films and directed by Edgardo ‘Boy’ Vinarao, this romantic comedy film is the first movie together of Cesar and Mikee.

And because of its huge box-office success, they did another movie in 1998 entitled ‘Kasangga Kahit Kailan.’

Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano plays Jack, an honest taxi driver but lost his job after he became a hold-up victim. On the other hand, Mikee Cojuangco plays Pat, who works as a cashier at a Lotto ticket outlet to support his young brother Mico (Janus del Prado).

Both of them with their Tiya AJ (Cita Astals) and Tiyo OJ (Archi Adamos) after their father died. Pat has a friend Bisay (Candy Pangilinan) who is helping her financially.

Jack has a huge debt from Felix (Mark Gil), who asked him to deliver a package as payment to all his debt. But because he failed, Felix is now after him.

One day, Jack bought a Lotto ticket from Pat but he was not able to get the ticket because Felix’s men saw him. Eventually, the Lotto ticket won with a prize of P30 million. However, Jack finds Pat and he wants to get the ticket so he can claim the prize.

Manalo Matalo Mahal Kita Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Mikee Cojuangco, Mark Gil, Janus del Prado, Candy Pangilinan, Danny ‘Brownie’ Pansalin, Cita Astals, Archi Adamos, Shintaro Valdez, Rufa Mae Quinto, Gloria Sevilla, Augusto Victa, Joe Jardi, Boy Alano, Dexter Doria, Eddie Tuazon, Cesar Villanueva, Michael Nicor, Romy Romulo, Joey Padilla, Rommel Montano, Roger Moring, Eric Jimenez, Gene Padilla, Mel Kimura, Jing Abalos and many more.

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