Magiting Na Pusakal Full Movie (1972)

Magiting Na Pusakal is an action movie starring Fernando Poe Jr. and former president Joseph Estrada with their leading ladies Rosanna Ortiz and Jeanne Young. It was produced by JE Productions directed by Augusto Buenaventura.

Magiting Na Pusakal Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Leon Magsalin (Fernando Poe Jr) is refusing to give information on the Japanese soldier that causes him to dig his own grave.

He then met Jo Ronquillo (Joseph Estrada) who is doing the same thing. They were interrupted when a group of men fired at the guards, making them a chance to escape. Leon thought he made a friend but Jo turns out to be a thief and stole Leon’s boots and left him.

Leon found out that his group led by Tomas Hernandez (Ruben Rustia) is protecting Julie (Jeanne Young) because of the gold that is hidden somewhere. Salome (Rosanna Ortiz) and her group of thieves want Julie. Meanwhile, the Japanese are trying to find Leon, but the villagers are protecting him so the Japanese order his men to kill all of them.

Leon and Jo met again and he told Leon that his father was killed inside a prison for being poor and defenseless, that is why he is stealing.

The following morning, Leon took revenge on Jo by stealing his boots. Jo also took his revenge by running away with Leon’s clothes. Salome and Mang Tomas’ group had a shootout. Jo found out about Julie’s secret so he left the group the other day and was captured by Salome and they fell in love with each other secretly.

Julie also likes Leon but he doesn’t want to because of their age gap. Meanwhile, Salome told Mang Tomas, the group, about the reason for her revenge and Mang Tomas told the truth behind her father’s death. Jo and Leon made an unlikely friendship that will make both of their groups join together to fight the Japanese.

Magiting Na Pusakal Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Joseph Estrada, Rosanna Ortiz, Jeanne Young, Ruben Rustia, Angelo Ventura, Jesse Lee, Jun Mariano, Ruel Vernal, Avel Morado, and many more.

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