Mabuhay Ka Sa Baril Full Movie (1986)

Mabuhay Ka Sa Baril is a 1986 classic Filipino action movie featuring actor Rudy “Da Boy” Fernandez and Gina Alajar.

It was released on 20th February 1986 under Lea Productions which also gave us the movie “Himala.” This movie was directed by Ricardo “Bebong” Osorio who is also an actor and a cousin to the famous Robin Padilla.

Mabuhay Ka Sa Baril Movie Plot

The movie began with the actor Rudy Fernandez as Dario recording himself to recount what has happened to him. He recounted events – mostly killings, which are seen as politically motivated. They started as kids playing with toy guns to them as adults using real guns.

With everything that started out as revenge, it spiraled down to unending violence. He became a hired gun. In a dire, he had to get his family out of harms’ way.

When he was not able to kill the last person he was hired to dispatch, he ended up being hunted by the police and having a bounty on his head. The person he looked for help to evade the police was the very person that tried to kill him because of the shoot-to-kill contract. Almost everyone he knew tried to kill him in the end. The ending part of the movie was playing his voice recording that was shown at the very beginning of the movie.

Mabuhay Ka Sa Baril Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, George Estregan, Tony Santos Sr. Vic Silayan, Gina Alajar, Elsa Agana, ER Ejercito, Romy Diaz, Bomber Moran, Robert Talabis, Ruben Rustia, Subas Herrero, Mel Francisco, Ernie Forte, Raul Aragonn Johnny Vicar, Orestes Ojeda, Rez Cortez, Joonne Gamboa, Ernie Zarate, King Gutierrez, Nick Lizano, and many more.

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