Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa Full Movie (1986)

Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa is an action drama movie starring Rudy Fernandez. Produced by Seiko Films and directed by Manuel ‘Fyke’ Cinco.

This blockbuster film was serialized in Aliwan Komiks, a story by Carlo J Caparas, and earned FAMAS nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor Best Actress Best Director, and Best Child Actress for Rose Ann Gonzales, who won on the same category at FAP Awards.

Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa Movie Plot

In this movie, Norman (Rudy Fernandez) and his mother (Anita Linda) are living in a squatters area owned by a rich greedy businessman named Balmores (Eddie Garcia) and all the houses are subject to demolition.

He works as an auto mechanic and has a girlfriend named Mercy (Jackie Lou Blanco), who incidentally is Balmores’ daughter.

During the demolition, Norman’s mother was killed. As revenge, Norman and his friends attacked Balmores’ mansion and abducted Mercy. When Norman was arrested and brought to trial, Mercy testified that she went with him voluntarily because they were sweethearts.

But because of Balmores’ money, Norman was still put behind bars. Nevertheless, there’s something that Mercy decided not to tell Norman at once.

Lumuhod Ka Sa Lupa Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Jackie Lou Blanco, Eddie Garcia, Mark Gil, Ricky Davao, Anita Linda, Rose Ann Gonzales, Orestes Ojeda, Alex Bolado, Belo Borja, Abbo De La Cruz, Romy Diaz, Ernie Forte, Robert Miller, Nonoy de Guzman, Fred Moro, Robert Talabis, Eddie Infante, Ros Olgado, Joey Padilla, and many more.

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