Liwanag sa Dilim Full Movie (2015)

Liwanag sa Dilim is a 2015 Filipino action-adventure horror film written and directed by Richard Somes. It stars Jake Vargas, Bea Binene, Sarah Lahbati and was produced by APT Entertainment.

Liwanag sa Dilim Plot

A group of teens faces various horrors in a secluded provincial town.

Liwanag sa Dilim enacts a battle between good and evil, the timeless adventure of friends joined in defeating a villainous being, tykes assembled in lieu of the common task of slaying the monster under the bed.

Liwanag sa Dilim Cast

Jake Vargas, Bea Binene, Sarah Lahbati, Dante Rivero, Freddie Webb, Sunshine Cruz, Rico Blanco, Igi Boy Flores

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