Kunin Ang Ulo ni Magtanggol Full Movie (1983)

Kunin Ang Ulo ni Magtanggol is an action drama movie starring Rudy Fernandez as a leader of a group that kills ex-members of Makapili,(Makabayang Katipunan ng mga Pilipino), a militant group that helped the Japanese soldiers during World War II.

This Rudy Fernandez film is produced by Bukang Liwayway Films and directed by Pepe Marcos.

Kunin Ang Ulo ni Magtanggol Movie Plot

In this movie, Rufo Magtanggol (Rudy Fernandez) and his men abduct men who were identified as Makapili and kill them. In addition, they are also hunting for rich people who are abusing the poor. But one day, some of his men kidnapped a beautiful woman Melinda, the daughter of Don Miguel (Eddie Garcia), a rich haciendero.

And because this is against the principles of their group, Rufo rescued Melinda and expelled his abusive men. But while they were on their way to return her to her family, his abusive men attacked them, and Melinda was wounded during the encounter. As a result, Don Miguel will use power against them.

Kunin Ang Ulo ni Magtanggol Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Eddie Garcia, Philip Gamboa, Melissa Mendez, Perla Bautista, Dave Brodette, Mario Escudero, Joaquin Fajardo, Baldo Marro, Vic Varrion, Johnny Vicar, Nello Nayo, Pong Pong, Big Boy Gomez, Ruben Rustia, Renato del Prado, Robert Talabis, and many more.

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