Kriminal Full Movie (1984)

Kriminal Movie is an action drama movie starring Rudy Fernandez as Hesus. Produced by Seiko Films and directed by Efren C. Piñon, this classic Rudy Fernandez movie earned a FAMAS Best Child Actress award for Rose Ann Gonzales and a FAMAS Best Supporting Actor Nomination for Tommy Abuel.

Kriminal Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Hesus’ pregnant wife was killed by her former suitor Omeng (Dick Israel), a son of a rich, influential casino owner (Eddie Garcia).

As revenge, he beat him to death and became wanted by the law. Meanwhile, a news writer named Ruben (Tommy Abuel) was interested in the case and sensationalized the issue.

Kriminal Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Eddie Garcia, Aurora Salve, Stella Strada, Tommy Abuel, Donna Villa, Rowena Ruiz, Zandro Zamora, Dick Israel, Rose Ann Gonzales, Rey Langit, Larry Silva, Rusty Santos, Tony Carreon, Val Iglesias, Fred Moro, and many more.

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