Kapitan Tumba Full Movie (1995)

Kapitan Tumba: The Capt. Jose Huevos Story is a Filipino biopic-action film released in 1995. Produced by Viva Films and Vic del Rosario Jr. and directed by Jose “Kaka” Balagtas, this film starred Filipino actors Mark Angelo “Roi” Vinzon and Dindi Gallardo.

Roi Vinzon was known for his roles in Filipino films Lucas Abelardo (1994) and Baby Paterno (1994), while Dindi Gallardo was known for starring in Dyesebel (1996).

Kapitan Tumba Movie Plot

This action-packed movie revolves around the protagonist, Roi Vinzon, as he plays the role of Captain Jose Huevos of Bulacan. This true-to-life story narrates the story of a Narco Police Officer who was transferred to a province in Bulacan and his mission to track down notorious drug lords. Seeing a culture of drug abuse in the province, he started a Rehabilitation Center to help drug-dependents live a better lifestyle.

In the movie, Captain Huevos does more than just hunt down drug lords. He captures a man who was using a wang-wang to get ahead in traffic, pretending he was a police officer. He also hunts down a group of men who were starting to rape a woman in the woods.

When his brother got involved with illegal drugs, the captain started a crusade against the daunting drug lord Norberto (Ronaldo Valdez). He finally kills him in the end but a group of military men came to check the scene and captures Captain Huevos.

He was confused because he was supposed to be the good guy but he was jailed as an ex-communicado. It was there that he learned Norberto was but a small pawn in a chess game far bigger than Captain Huevos can ever play. Luckily, the people of Bulacan fought for his innocence and were freed from prison.

Captain Huevos gets his nickname Kapitan Tumba because of his fearless nature, running after drug lords to help keep the province safe.

Kapitan Tumba Movie Cast

Angelo “Roi” Vinzon, Dindi Gallardo, Ronaldo Valdez, Rita Avila, Boy Alano, Glen Almonte, Ester Chavez, Telly Babasa, Vic Belaro, Dexter Doria, Ace Espinosa, Daniel Fernando, Josie Galvez, Levi Ignacio, Danny Labra, Joey Padilla, Conrad Poe, Johnny Ramirez, Edwin Reyes, Danny Riel, Boy Roque, Johnny Vicar, Zando Zamora, Ernie Zarate.

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