Kapag Wala Nang Batas Full Movie (1990)

Kapag Wala nang Batas is a 1990 Filipino-language action-drama film starring Chuck Perez in the main role. The film was produced and distributed by Viva Films and was directed by Gregg de Guzman. It was written by Mike Relon Makiling and de Guzman himself.

Kapag Wala Nang Batas Plot

Gabriel decides to enter the seminary to escape the violent world his family is involved with. However, he soon realizes that he cannot totally break out from his legacy. Gabriel is determined to take on the syndicate and see them all dead to avenge his family.

Kapag Wala Nang Batas Cast

Chuck Perez, Maita Soriano, Mark Gil, Paquito Diaz, Dennis Roldan, Liza Lorena, Juan Rodrigo, Ilonah Jean, Gino Antonio

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