Kapag Nasukol ang Asong Ulol Full Movie (1997)

Kapag Nasukol ang Asong Ulol is a 1997 Filipino action film starring Ian Veneracion as the titular character SPO2 Armand Disierto.

The movie was written and directed by award-winning director and screenwriter Humilde ‘Meek’ Roxas. This was Roxas’ 7th feature film.

Kapag Nasukol ang Asong Ulol Plot Summary

The story follows police officer Armand as he goes back to his hometown to visit his sister and paralyzed father. On his way back, he meets investigative reporter Cristina Martin (Stella Ruiz).

Trouble ensues as the town Mayor Mariano Gaton (Paquito Diaz) learns of Armand’s arrival, the latter accused of accidentally killing the mayor’s son when they were younger.

Because of this, the mayor ordered his men to gun down the Dieserto household, killing Armand’s mother and paralyzing his father.

Seeing Armand as a threat to his monopoly of power over the province, Mayor Gaton orders his capture. Armand escapes from the Mayor’s son, Brando, and his men. Meanwhile, Gaton kills Armand’s father and sister. Cristina gives a rousing speech to the townspeople to revolt against the tyranny of Mayor Gaton.

Now filled with vengeance, Armand goes back to the Gaton residence and attacks Brando and his men. Mayor Gaton tries to escape by a chopper but Armand manages to shoot the pilot. The townspeople cheer as the chopper crashes in the water, killing Mayor Gaton.

Kapag Nasukol ang Asong Ulol Movie Cast

Ian Veneracion, Rambo Romero, Stella Ruiz, Aya Medel, Efren Reyes, Paquito Diaz, Jeffrey Santos, Amado Cortez, Apple Zuniga, Cris Daluz, Bobby Henson, Danny Labra, Efren Reyes Jr., Ernie Zarate and many more.

Kapag Nasukol ang Asong Ulol Full Movie


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