Kapag Lumaban Ang Api Full Movie (1987)

Kapag Lumaban Ang Api Movie is a 1987 action movie directed by Fernando Poe Jr. (as Ronwaldo Reyes) and produced by Lea Production starring FPJ himself, Miguel Rodriguez, and Rio Locsin.

Kapag Lumaban Ang Api Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Don Rafael’s (Tony Carreon) death brought sadness to the whole town. Julio (Fernando Poe Jr), came home to pay his respects while Luis (Philip Gamboa) proposed to his sister, Liro (Vivian Foz).

In Don Rafael’s will read by his lawyer, some of the lands were given to the employees including Julio’s father, Anselmo (Augusto Victa).

The remaining land and possession were given to Don Rafael’s daughter Carmela Samonte (Lorraine Schuck). Ramiro Samonte (Miguel Rodriguez) came in to say that he also has the right to own the land because he is also the son of Don Rafael. Because of this, Ramiro and his men brought terror to the people. He also wanted to claim all the lands of the employees that were given by his father.

Julio’s father remains his stand and doesn’t want to sell his land so Ramiro went to Julio. He killed Don Rafael’s lawyer and pinned it to Julio and was jailed even though it is obvious that he didn’t do it. Liro asked help from his fiance Luis but he is scared as well.

Ramiro wanted more including his sister’s name on the will being the heiress but Carmela insisted so Ramiro put acid on her face. Quintero (Paquito Diaz) and his men raped Julio’s sister and killed her.

Erlinda (Rio Locsin), Julio’s wife, and his son were also to be taken but Luis saved them and they escaped. At the prison, Julio was violently beaten up but he somehow got himself free. And after finding out what happened not only to his sister and father but to his fellow farmers, he will now do whatever it takes to end the reign of Ramiro.

Kapag Lumaban Ang Api Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Miguel Rodriguez, Rio Locsin, Lorraine Schuck, Paquito Diaz, Vivian Foz, Philip Gamboa, Ernie Zarate, Bert Olivar, Dencio Padilla, Augusto Victa, Tony Carreon, Larry Silva, Mario Escudero, Dencio Padilla, Christopher Palomo, and many more.

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