Kamusta ka Hudas Full Movie (1983)

Kamusta Ka Hudas is 1983 is a Filipino action film starring Ace Vergel and Rudy Fernandez. It is directed by Augusto Buenaventura and produced by Amazaldy Film Production filmed on Apalit Pampanga.

Kamusta Ka Hudas Plot

At the start of the movie, there’s a man who was about to be arrested by a group of police led by his friend. As a goodbye, he kissed his friend who betrayed him.

That person then hung himself full of regret. Years after, Mario (Rudy Fernandez) and Fidel (Ace Vergel) are friends that live in a barrio where both of their fathers were farmers.

Fidel’s father is planning to go to Japan to spend his remaining life there while working. Mario’s father, on the other hand, sold his land. The two friends agreed to leave the barrio by themselves for another adventure.

As they embark on their adventure. Mario found out that his father was killed at the hands of the police. He also found out that his father belongs to a rebellion group that seeks justice and freedom.

Mario agreed to join them along with Fidel but he was skeptical at first because he doesn’t like what they’re doing. Their friendship was tested when they fell in love with the same girl.

The girl will have to choose between the two friends or her eagerness for the rebellion’s mission. Fidel and Mario will also have to choose between their friendship that was built since their kids or the girl they just met.

Kamusta ka Hudas Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Ace Vergel, Vivian Velez, and many more

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