Kalibre 45 Full Movie (1980)

Kalibre 45 is a 1980 action film starring Fernando Poe Jr. and Lito Lapid with the special participation of Eddie Garcia. It was directed by Nilo Saez and produced by Mirick Films International.

Kalibre .45 Movie Plot Summary

At the start of the movie, Daniel (Fernando Poe Jr) and Ramon (Lito Lapid) were two of the prisoners who were chosen by Kapitan Mauricio to work for him to dig a treasure in which he hid from the Americans.

Primo (Dick Israel) informed Abdul (Paquito Diaz) about the treasure. Abdul and his men ambushed Kapt. Mauricio to get the treasure.

Meanwhile, Daniel and Ramon helped each other escape while the chaos happened. Ramon was injured and they stayed in an abandoned hut but they were found by Ka Berto and Teresa. They took care of them and gave them shelter

Ramon and Daniel stayed with them and helped them. Daniel was wrongfully convicted and he is looking for a man named Pedro Maclang (Eddie Garcia). Ka Berto lied to everyone and told their friends that Daniel and Ramon were his nephews.

Even though they can start their new life in the barrio, Daniel still wants justice for himself and Ramon offered his help. They saved an old woman who was shot and in return, she gives them two calibers .45 to us which has a legendary story.

Little did Daniel know that Pedro is Ramon’s father. Will Ramon still help Daniel? Or will the history of caliber .45 repeats itself?

Kalibre .45 Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr., Lito Lapid, Jennifer Cortez, Bambi Arambulo, Paquito Diaz, Dencio Padilla, Romeo Rivera, Dick Israel, Mary Walter, Eddie Garcia, Mario Escudero, Dexter Doria, Jimmy Santos, Rene Hawkins, Belo Borja

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