Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama Full Movie (1991)

The Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama or also known as Primitivo ‘Elok’ Ala: Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama was one of the many Filipino action movies directed by Junn P. Cabreira in 1991, produced by OctoArts Films and written by Bonnie Paredes.

Staring Jeric Raval, John Regala, and Cristina Gonzales as star leads.

Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama Movie Plot

It starts off with a scene where Primitivo ‘Ebok’ Ala (Jeric Raval) and his brother Alex Ala (Willie Revillame) were sent off into prison, wherein Ebok instantly got the favor of the head of their prison cell due to his good looks and cute smile.

But instead of living life under the leader’s wing, both brothers are under the threat of being sexually assaulted by their fellow inmates.

Days pass, living life inside the prison wasn’t getting better for the brothers, yet they had to make do and survive. But with the constant danger of being targeted by an endless prison war, they might as well choose aside in order to get protection and seek favor from one of the gang leaders.

However, Ebok caught again the attention of another leader, Baby Ama, portrayed by John Regala, when he killed one of his lackeys causing Baby Ama to challenge him to a duel and show him where he stood in the food chain.

Kalabang Mortal Ni Baby Ama Movie Cast

The movie casted many acclaimed Filipino stars such as Willie Revillame, Bembol Roco, Sunshine Dizon, Zandro Zamora, Beth Bautista, Roldan Aquino, Jennifer Mendoza, Sylvia Sanchez, Berting Labra, Renato Del Pardo, Ernie Ortega, Ernie Zarate, and Vic Varrion.

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