Kahit Pader Gigibain Ko Full Movie (1998)

Kahit Pader Gigibain Ko is an action movie starring Phillip Salvador and Rosanna Roces. Produced by Regal Films and directed by Joey del Rosario, this Ipe-Osang movie tackles the corruption in politics, especially how some corrupt senators are using their power and influence to make more money.

At the start of the movie, a newspaper headline reported that the DENR Secretary was ambushed and killed. Then, Sandy Galang (Rosanna Roces) can be seen pretending to be a nun in Baguio City so she can solicit money. But on her way home, she was abducted by NPA rebels to be in exchange for the release of a rebel in prison.

However, Capt. Roman Sta. Maria (Phillip Salvador) and his men raid their hideout and were able to rescue Sandy. While leaving the area, Sandy admitted to him that she is not a real nun.

Instead, she escaped from Manila after she witnessed Senator Madrigal (Eddie Gutierrez) killing the DENR Secretary. But how can she convince the public that she’s telling the truth?

Kahit Pader Gigibain Ko Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Rosanna Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Elizabeth Oropesa, Richard Bonnin, Bob Soler, Dindo Arroyo, Joey Padilla, Gammy Viray, Ernie Zarate, Nini Jacinto (Apple Zuniga), Allona Amor, Ric Arellano, Mon Confiado, Eric Francisco, Bernard Fabiosa, Joey Sarmiento, and many more.

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