Kaaway Hanggang Hukay Full Movie (2001)

Kaaway Hanggang Hukay is an action movie starring Phillip Salvador. Produced by RS Productions and directed by Joey del Rosario, this Phillip Salvador film is about two police officers who used to be the best of friends and Mistah at PMA but later became mortal enemies because of the opposite path they took.

Kaaway Hanggang Hukay Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, a top cabinet member was killed by Col. Carlos Ricarte (Edu Manzano), who pretended to be his police escort and used a cellphone to trigger a bomb inside the politician’s vehicle.

On the other hand, Col. Baltazar Soriano (Phillip Salvador) pretended to be a priest in a village in Mindanao. And while he is holding a mass, a group of armed men attacked the area so he defended the innocent residents.

It turns out that Ricarte is very mad at his father (Bob Soler) because the latter was disappointed when Soriano became the top PMA cadet in academics, and Ricarte was only second. Later, Soriano is tasked to protect a foreign prime minister who will visit the country and Ricarte is planning to assassinate him. How can Soriano stop him?

Kaaway Hanggang Hukay Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Ina Raymundo, Edu Manzano, Robert Arevalo, Bob Soler, Perla Bautista, Denver Razon, Dindo Arroyo, Paula Gomez, Ernie Zarate, Gammy Viray, Boy Roque, and many more.

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