Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2 Full Movie

Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2 is a Filipino action film and a sequel of Isang Bala Ka Lang, and is produced by FPJ Productions, and directed by Ronwaldo Reyes. It is noted for remembering the late Julie Vega, who was FPJ’s daughter in the first movie. In fact, there’s a scene where he remembers her, and a video clip of Part 1 was shown in the first part of the movie.

Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2 Movie Summary

In the movie, FPJ reprises his role as Lt. Roberto ”Berting” Rodriquez, but this time he is now retired in the service and now works as a bodyguard for a town mayor in Tubigon Norte. However, his senior officer asked him to rejoin the forces again to fight corrupt police officers and politicians in Manila.

Isang Bala Ka Lang Part 2 Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Nanette Medved, Bernardo Bernardo, Subas Herrero, Anita Linda, Fred Montilla, Vangie Labalan, Zandro Zamora, Johnny Vicar, Augusto Victa, Nanding Fernandez, and many more.

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