Isaisahin Ko Kayo Full Movie (1990)

Isaisahin Ko Kayo is a Filipino movie from the early 1990s starring Ronnie Rickets, directed by Francis “Jun” Posadas, and written by Arturo “Turko” Cervantes and Erwin T. Lanado.

The movie’s cast includes Charlie Davao, Renato Del Prado, Vanessa Escano, Jorge Estregan, Maila Gumila, Subas Herrero, Val Iglesias, Dick Israel, Leo Lazaro, John Regala, Larry Silva, Ernie Zarate.

Isaisahin Ko Kayo Movie Plot

Daniel Sabater (Rickets) is an honest and righteous sergeant in the police narcotics unit. His relentless pursuit to bust criminals and their drug trafficking activities has significantly disrupted the operations of a major drug syndicate. To protect the syndicate, they attempt to bribe Daniel but failed to sway him.

Determined to stop Daniel from interfering with the drug syndicate’s operations, corrupt members of the police force conspired to get him suspended. Without his badge and gun, Daniel was more vulnerable than ever.

Soon, they were able to frame him up for murder, hurt his family, and destroy his life. With nothing left, Daniel’s only option was to fight back and bring them all to justice — both the criminals, as well as the corrupt members of the police force.

Isaisahin Ko Kayo Movie Cast

The movie is recognized to have featured both an award-winning performance from Ronnie Rickets as well as a career-defining performance from John Regala. Rickets won the 1990 FAMAS Best Actor award for this movie. Regala, a young actor and a member of the popular teen variety show — That’s Entertainment, started a successful career both as an action star and a movie villain after his acclaimed performance in this movie.

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