Isa Isa Lang Full Movie (1985)

Isa Isa Lang Movie stars Fernando Poe Jr as an amateur billiard player and is being considered as the best among his opponents.

Produced by Cine Suerte Inc and directed by Pablo Santiago, this blockbuster FPJ action-drama film chronicles the dirty tricks in the underground world of billiards and the danger from rich gamblers.

Isa Isa Lang Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, FPJ plays Carding Briñas, a simple and kind man who is known for being a master of billiards in their area. But in his quest to earn money, he cannot avoid being into trouble.

His father Merto (Mario Escudero), who has been badly injured because of the sport, has been reminding him to stop. However, Carding decided to continue because he needs money for his pregnant wife Celing (Marianne de la Riva).

As Carding continues to win, he was hired by the rich gambler and influential businessman Don Ramon (Jaime Fabregas), who is also involved in illegal activities. This time, he made more money from winning and became more famous. But later, he lost in a very important game and he was accused of deliberately losing the game. Don Ramon’s men beat him and that was the start of his sufferings. How can he fight back?

Isa Isa Lang Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Marianne de la Riva, Jaime Fabregas, Paquito Diaz, Romy Diaz, Ruel Vernal, Lito Anzures, Max Alvarado, Mario Escudero, Jose Romulo, Bert Olivar, Victor Bravo, Vic Varrion, Amay Bisaya, Vic Diaz, Ramon D’Salva, Johnny Vicar and many more.

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