Ikasa Mo Ipuputok Ko Full Movie (1990)

Ikasa Mo Ipuputok Ko is an action movie starring Phillip Salvador as Guiller Sta. Romana, a dedicated member of the National Customs Police.

Produced by Urban Films and directed by Augusto Salvador, this film earned a Gawad Urian Best Actor nomination for Ipe and Best Supporting Actor award for Michael De Mesa.

Ikasa Mo Ipuputok Ko Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, Guiller and his best friend and fellow officer Buboy (Michael De Mesa) were able to eradicate a syndicate.

Their achievement was praised by their immediate superior, Maj. Torjillo (Eddie Garcia). As a result, the boss of the syndicate decided to assign his trusted member Lizette (Sheila Ysrael) to be close with Guiller.

Meanwhile, Guiller has a girlfriend named Cecille (Maila Gumila), who is a doctor. And because his father was also a Customs cop before he was killed, his mother is very worried for him. Eventually, Lizette is slowly being successful with her mission. And in the latter part, Guiller will be surprised after he learned who killed his father.

Ikasa Mo Ipuputok Ko Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Eddie Garcia, Michael De Mesa, Maila Gumila, Sheila Ysrael, Dencio Padilla, Perla Bautista, Dindo Arroyo, Polly Cadsawan, Rene Hawkins, Atong Redillas, Romeo Rivera, Ricky Rivero, Robert Talabis, Bon Vibar, Mylene Gonzales, Johnny Vicar, Ernie Zarate, Rommel Valdez, Joey Padilla, and many more.

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