Huling Sagupaan Full Movie (1996)

The movie, Huling Sagupaan is a 1996 Filipino action film starring Ace Vergel and Aiko Melendez and co-starring Monsour del Rosario produced by Regal Films and directed by Teddy Gomez and Phillip Ko.


This is one of the recent movies and including the last few movies that Ace Vergel performed before ending his role and career as an actor.

Huling Sagupaan Movie Plot

The main actors and characters mentioned above played major roles in this movie, Ace Vergel plays Samuel the notorious hired hitman and Aiko Melendez plays Monica the pianist at the bar and Monsour del Rosario plays the policeman.

The story initiates as Samuel as a hired hitman carry a mission assigned to him inside the bar then suddenly he and Monica encountered each other in a dangerous commotion leading to Monica’s blindness caused by Samuel accidentally as a result of Samuel’s guilty feeling this where he started monitoring Monicas’ whereabouts leading to their slight and progressive love affairs.

The main story initiates when Samuel’s friend who is involved in the syndicate lets him meet a guy who he considers as the boss, named Mike Montenegro to let him carry another last mission.

The policeman and his partner were surveying the illegal activities of the syndicates for a long period of time on this occasion where Samuel and the policemen cross their path in which Samuel is also carrying a special mission.

Upon further investigation, they conclude the main character and try to figure out if Samuel and Monica might have some connection. Amboy and Ando made them stronger to be an ally and killed all their enemies outright and finally, Monica recovered from her blindness and gained a complete vision and reigniting their happily ever after!

Huling Sagupaan Movie Cast

Ace Vergel, Aiko Melendez, Monsour del Rosario, Rando Almanzor, January Isaac Bodlovic, Alex David, Dan Fernandez, Mike Gayoso, Allyzon Lualhati, Melissa Mendez, Orestes Ojeda and Ruel Vernal.

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