Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat Full Movie (1973)

Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat is a 1973 Filipino action drama film based on the life story of one of Manila’s infamous outlaws, Santiago Ronquillo.

The movie was top-billed by Ramon Revilla Sr., directed by Armando A. Herrera, and produced by Imus Productions. Revilla’s role won him the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards for Best Actor. In later years, the story was also adapted on television as part of the “Agimat: Ang Mga Alamat ni Ramon Revilla” series.

Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat Movie Plot

Adela Johnson’s (Sue Ramirez) journey began when she met Ram (RK “Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat” follows the life of Santiago Ronquillo (Ramon Revilla Sr.), a native of Imus, Cavite. The movie opens with the misadventures of a hot-headed Tiago who had various fights with different people in his town.

However, despite his aggressive behavior, he also had a soft spot for the poor. After helping an old man in the church, he was given an amulet that became a core to Tiago’s legend as it was believed that it had the properties of a “Tagabulag’, which would make its wearer invisible.

Framed by his enemies which led to his imprisonment and misbelieving that his wife betrayed him, Tiago escaped prison and pursued revenge. After killing his wife and her new husband, he formed a group of outlaws and robbed the homes and businesses of the wealthy in Manila and nearby provinces, earning him the moniker, “Tiagong Akyat”. Despite his negative actions, Tiago remained pitiful to the poor and would punish those who exploited their vulnerability.

His crimes eventually caught up with him when in 1923, he was shot and killed by a group of law enforcers led by then Manila Chief of Police John Fulton Green and the Philippine Constabulary.

Hulihin si Tiagong Akyat Movie Cast

Ramon Revilla Sr., Liza Lorenza, Robert Jaworski, Aurora Salve, Max Alvarado, and Rodolfo Garcia

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