Hitman Full Movie (2012)

Hitman Movie stars Cesar Montano, Sam Pinto, and Phillip Salvador. Produced by Viva Films and CM Films and story and directed by Cesar Montano, this Cesar Montano-Phillip Salvador action-packed film earned a Star Awards for Movies New Movie Actor of the Year nomination for Diego Loyzaga Montano, Cesar’s son with actress Teresa Loyzaga.

Hitman Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Cesar Montano plays Ben Morillo, a former hitman who went into a coma for seven years after his failed assassination and murder of his family. On the other hand, Philip Salvador plays Tomas, another senior hitman who killed Ben’s family and almost killed him, Tomas and Ben are both working for Mando (Ricky Davao), a leader of a huge drug syndicate and involved in white slavery, but Ben wanted to quit his job.

While recovering from memory loss, Ben met print model Gina (Sam Pinto) and fell in love with her. Incidentally, she is Mando’s daughter and has two other brothers, Mike (Joko Diaz) and Alvin (Mark Herras). Meanwhile, Tomas is demanding P10 million from Mando and also wants to quit his job. Later, Ben regained his memory and planned to revenge against Mando. But before he can do that, he has to face his mentor Tomas.

Hitman Movie Cast

Cesar Montano, Phillip Salvador, Sam Pinto, Ricky Davao, Joko Diaz, Sunshine Garcia, Mark Herras, Rommel Montano, Jeffrey Tam, Alexis Navarro, Onchie dela Cruz, Diego Montano, Gerry Peñalosa, and many more.

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