Hinukay Ko Na Ang Libingan Mo Full Movie (1991)

Hinukay Ko Na Ang Libingan Mo is an action-drama movie of Robin Padilla, who plays the role of twins, Anton and Elmo.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Manuel ‘Fyke’ Cinco, this blockbuster Robin Padilla movie is serialized in Happy Komiks and also features Eddie Garcia as the main antagonist.

Hinukay Ko Na Ang Libingan Mo Plot

At the start of the movie, La Rosa San Vicente (Eddie Garcia) wanted club singer Vera (Nanette Medved) to be with him at his table but the latter refused. Anton came to rescue her from La Rosa’s men. Shortly, Anton and Vera got married.

But because La Rosa was so obsessed with Vera, he and his men ransacked Anton’s house on the night of their honeymoon and abducted both of them.

La Rosa raped Vera in front of the helpless Anton and shot him afterward. Vera was able to escape and thought that Anton was already dead after his body was thrown into the river. Meanwhile, Elmo was released from prison. But outside, he learned about Anton’s tragedy and decided to take revenge. Later, Anton appeared and joined Vera and Elmo in eliminating La Rosa.

Hinukay Ko Na Ang Libingan Mo Cast

Robin Padilla, Eddie Garcia, Nanette Medved, Cherry Pie Picache, Berting Labra, Lucita Soriano, Mylene Zapanta, Marco Polo Garcia, Daryl Lance Sarita, Naty Santiago, Odette Khan, Dencio Padilla, Val Iglesias, Dindo Arroyo, June Hidalgo, July Hidalgo, and many more.

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