Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban Full Movie (1994)

Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban is a 1994 action-filled movie starring Fernando Poe Jr, Michelle Aldana and Tony Bernal, and Johnny Delgado. It is produced by Viva Films directed by Fernando Poe Jr himself and written by Pablo S. Gomez and Manny R. Buising.

Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban Movie Plot Summary

The movie started with a group of people running away from gunmen in the year 1989. The reason is yet unknown, but the gunmen violently killed many people in a small ‘barrio’.

The scene shifted to Congressman (Johnny Delgado) enjoying his hobby: shooting. Pepe Villamar, Carding’s (Fernando Poe Jr) brother went to the congressman’s place because he was being called. Congressman wanted to buy Pepe’s small land to expand his business, but Pepe refused, turning things into an uproar, which causes his death.

The only witness was the hunchback who was eavesdropping on the conversation while hiding. Meanwhile, Carding Villamar was a city professional. Their remaining family informed Carding using snail mail that his brother died due to a heart attack when he was visiting the congressman. He immediately returned to their hometown of Evangelista.

He also learned that Pepe’s body was already at the morgue when Pepe’s orphaned family came to claim the body.

Their family name Villamar in their hometown was trusted, especially after what happened in 1989. Carding learned that the congressman’s business was cock-fighting which was illegal and learned that with a town muted and crippled by fear, the congressman’s henchmen moved freely to their business and to bully Pepe’s orphaned family as well.

Carding became suspicious after he learned that the man at the morgue isn’t the one who prepared Pepe’s body and he was being blackmailed. With hot pursuits of bounty hunters, the militia, and the police who are all in the congressman’s payroll, Carding decided to fight justice for the murder of his brother and end the congressman’s reign of evil using only a crusty riffle and a whole ton of rage.

Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Michelle Aldana, Max Alvarado, Eddie Arenas, Tony Bernal, Johnny Delgado, Paquito Diaz, Sunshine Dizon, Jimmy Garcia, Dick Israel, Berting Labra, Michelle Ann Lopez, Atong Redillas, Boy Roque and many more

Hindi Pa Tapos ang Laban Full Movie

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