Hari Ng Tondo Ikaw o Ako Full Movie (1980)

Hari Ng Tondo Ikaw o Ako is an action movie starring Rudy Fernandez and Ace Vergel. It was directed by Nilo Saez and produced by Four N Films. It is written by Humilde ‘Meek’ Roxas

Hari Ng Tondo Ikaw o Ako Movie Plot Summary

In this movie, Boy Flores (Rudy Fernandez) and Bingo Ocampo (Ace Vergel) are friends. Bingo is the one who always leads Boy to trouble and women. He dreams of marrying an actress and being a millionaire. One night, they encountered a riot and Boy accidentally killed someone.

He went to prison because of that and claims to be by himself when the riot happened to save his friend. The boy’s father asks Bingo to help his friend but he doesn’t want to. Meanwhile, Boy Flores made friends in prison and protected him.

Bingo became the right hand of Totoy Pogi, ‘Hari ng Tondo’ and hustles small businessmen for a living. While Boy is in prison, Bingo, and his men killed Boy’s Father. The boy was informed about his father’s death but not the one who killed him.

After several years, Boy was paroled and Bingo got married to Paula Vergara (Veronica Jones), an actress. And even though Paula doesn’t want Bingo he insisted on himself and later on they got married. As a husband, Bingo only wants Paula to be his trophy, but he doesn’t really love her.

The boy stole all the men of Totoy Pogi to hustle for him instead of Totoy Pogi. Bingo finds out about this and plans to take on revenge but Totoy Pogi plans to merge his group and Boy’s group into one so no chaos or riot will happen.

This made Bingo angry and kill Totoy Pogi, calling himself ‘Hari ng Tondo’ and blaming the death of his boss on Boy Flores. The boy and Paula became lovers. Bingo found out and challenge Boy in a fight. Meanwhile, Boy wants revenge for the death of his father.

Hari Ng Tondo Ikaw o Ako Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Ace Vergel, George Estregan, Gina Alajar, Veronica Jones, Dencio Padilla, Conrad Poe, Max Alvarado, Boy Bagatsing, Lucita Soriano, Jimmy Santos, Baldo Marro, Francisco Cruz, Cesar Esguerra, Avel Morado and many more.

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