Haragan: Masahol Pa Sa Bala Full Movie (1997)

Haragan: Masahol Pa Sa Bala is a 1997 Filipino action movie starring Monsour del Rosario and Mike Gayoso. It was produced by Regal Films and directed by Efren C. Piñon, a director and writer who is also known for Nonoy Garote and the Sidekicks (1987), Last Target (1978) and Baldo Is Coming (1971).

Haragan: Masahol Pa Sa Bala Movie Plot

Monsour del Rosario plays Willie, a righteous police lieutenant who quits the force after clashing with his superior over their opposing beliefs. Mike Gayoso plays Steve, a deadly assassin who kills prominent government officials to protect business interests.

Several years earlier, Willie and Steve met as cadets in the Police Academy. They were both outstanding trainees, but their differing principles turned them into rivals. Their rivalry came to a head one day when Steve became fed up with being compared to Willie, prompting the former to leave the Academy.

Through the years, Steve held a deep grudge against Willie, seeking to finally defeat his only competitor and prove that he is number one.

A series of assassinations turns Steve into the top target of the police. Meanwhile, Willie rejects offers to return to the force and chooses to focus on his gun range business in the hopes of reconciling with his estranged wife Ruth, played by Alma Concepcion.

One day, Steve visits Willie at his gun range to present a deadly proposition. The former challenges the latter to settle their rivalry once and for all by rejoining the force to end his killing spree as a hired gun.

Haragan: Masahol Pa Sa Bala Movie Cast

Monsour Del Rosario, Alma Concepcion, Bobby Benitez, Amado Cortez, Mike Gayoso, Luis Gonzales, Max Laurel, Orestes Ojeda, Liza Ranillo, Romy Romulo, Ruel Vernal

Haragan: Masahol Pa Sa BalaFull Movie

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