Ginto’t Pilak Full Movie (1999)

Ginto’t Pilak is a 1998 Filipino action-romance film starred by the celebrated pair of “Da Boy” and “Da Girl” of Philippine cinema, action star Rudy Fernandez and Rosanna Roces.

Premiered in the theaters nationwide on November 11, 1998, this classic was directed by Romy Suzara with Vic del Rosario, Jr. as the executive producer.

Ginto’t Pilak Movie Plot

The story revolved around Dina (Rosanna Roces), a club dancer and Ben (Rudy Fernandez), a bouncer, who were both working in the same club. The two were not only the best of friends but we’re also partners in scamming their club’s wealthy customers into giving them money.

Then when a Japanese businessman named Tanaka, who takes part in the yakuza’s illegal operations in the seedy underworld, fell in love with Dina, that’s when things went haywire.

Upon Tanaka’s death, he left Dina not only with a huge amount of fortune but also a floppy disk containing critical information about all the illegal transactions of the syndicate he was part of. The news spread fast in the underworld and big bosses were determined to silence whoever holds the disk, who happened to be Dina.

Ben, informed about the dangerous mess Dina is in, did everything in his power to protect the latter. The two moved from one place to another just to escape the guns and bullets of the syndicate that hunts them; spending hastily Tanaka’s money while they were at it and also finding love towards each other.

Ginto’t Pilak Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Rosanna Roces, Bong Villafuerte, Susan Jane Ritter, Jay Manalo, Ruel Vernal, Dick Israel, Roldan Aquino, Berting Labra, Bella Flores, Wilson Go, Val Iglesias, Joey Padilla, Lucita Soriano, Tsing Tong Tsai

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