Gawa Na Ang Balang Papatay Sa Iyo Full Movie (1988)

Gawa na ang Balang Papatay sa Iyo is an action movie directed by Willy Milan and written by Pablo S. Gomez starring FPJ and many more with the special participation of Harlene Bautista produced by Lea Productions.

It won two FAP Awards – Best Supporting Actress for Harlene Bautista and Best Sound Engineering. A parody movie made by Vic Sotto was made with almost the same title “Gawa na ang balang para sa akin”.

Gawa Na Ang Balang Papatay Sa Iyo Movie Plot Summary

In the movie, Don Rico and his wife were renewing their vows when suddenly, a shooter shot Don Rico and fled the scene.

Don Rico managed to survive and ordered his henchman (Paquito Diaz) to kill the Villiafuerte family, their enemy when it comes to business, even though there is no evidence that Villafuerte family ordered the shooter that almost killed him.

Don Rico’s henchman killed the family down to its employees and even their children as ordered. They killed the entire family except for David Villafuerte (Fernando Poe Jr), who is still serving his sentence for illegal gun selling and illegal firearms for 15 years. He has a daughter (Harlene Bautista) and is waiting for him to finish his sentence.

Meanwhile, David was already informed that the Villafuerte family was wiped out by Don Rico and his life is in danger. Don Rico didn’t stop hunting David and his daughter even if David plead for his life and his daughter, which is his only family left.

But Don Rico didn’t stop and killed his friend from the prison, Berto, while he is trying to help David. This made him furious and seek revenge for his bloodline and his friend. The question is, are the Villafuerte family really tried to kill Don Rico or there is someone close to him who tried to kill him because of his fortune? Can Berto avenge his family’s death?

Gawa Na Ang Balang Papatay Sa Iyo Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Vic Vargas, Marianne dela Riva, Harlene Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Subas Herrero, Betring Labra, Rosemarie Gil, Mario Escudero, Johnny Vicar, Vic Varrion, Belo Borja, and many more.

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