Gawa Na Ang Bala Na Papatay Sa Iyo Full Movie

Gawa Na Ang Bala Na Papatay Sa Yo is an action-drama FPJ movie produced by Lea Productions and directed by Willy Milan. Here, Fernando Poe Jr plays David Villafuerte, who was sent to prison for alleged illegal gun manufacturing and illegal possession of firearms.

At the start of the movie, someone tried to assassinate wealthy and influential businessman Don Rico Montefalcon (Subas Herrero) during his 25th wedding anniversary and his wife. As revenge, he asked his men to kill all the members of the Villafuerte clan, including David and his family.

Gawa Na Ang Bala Na Papatay Sa Yo Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Vic Vargas, Marianne dela Riva, Harlene Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Subas Herrero, Berting Labra, Rosemarie Gil, and many more.

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