Gabi Na Kumander Full Movie (1986)

Gabi Na Kumander Movie stars Phillip Salvador and Dindo Fernando as two brothers with opposite beliefs and has to fight against each other.

Produced by Viva Films and directed by Pepe Marcos, this action drama film was nominated as FAMAS Best Picture, Best Actor (Phillip Salvador), and Best Director (Pepe Marcos), and eventually won the FAP Best Picture award.

Gabi Na Kumander Movie Plot

At the start of the movie, a group of armed men arrived in Barrio Sto. Nino and planned to murder all its residents, as instructed by Apo Layug (Tony Santos Sr), a greedy land-grabber.

However, NPA leader Kumander Cobra (Phillip Salvador) and his men suddenly appeared and killed most of the bandits, including their leader.

On the other hand, Army Major Ramil Macan (Dindo Fernando) and his men were able to eradicate a group of smugglers.

Later, he was assigned to Barrio Sto. Nino as part of the government’s anti-insurgency campaign. But after reporting to Gen. Rodolfo Benitez (Eddie Garcia), he learned that Kumander Cobra is none other than his younger brother, Ronald Macan.

Gabi Na Kumander Movie Cast

Phillip Salvador, Dindo Fernando, Eddie Garcia, Bembol Roco, Efren Reyes Jr, Anna Marie Gutierrez, Jaclyn Jose, Sarsi Emmanuelle, Tony Santos Sr, Lito Pimentel, Renato del Prado, Joseph de Cordova, Ruben Rustia, King Gutierrez, Vangie Labalan, Tom Olivar, Ikay Aldanese, and many more.

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