Doble Kara Full Movie (1978)

Doble Kara is a 1978 Filipino action drama film directed by Cirio H. Santiago. The main lead is played between Rudy Fernadez ( Bitayin Si.. Baby Ama ! 1976 ) and Rey Malonzo ( Twin Fists for the black masters 1979 ) This is an HPS production and the release date is in May 1978.

The duration of this movie is 1hr42 min and the opening song used for this film was the instrumental version of “Aung Akoy Iiwan Mo”, a song popularized at that time by Basil Valdez and composed by George Canseco.

Doble Kara Movie Plot

The main cast is Rudy Fernadez where he played the role of Eddie, a hot-blooded cop who after surviving a fatal accident was forced to undergo plastic surgery and eventually faked his own death.

He then assumed a new identity and planned to exact revenge on the people who made his life miserable.  Rey Malonzo played the role of Andy and Beth Bautista played the role of Menchie.

Doble Kara Movie Cast

Rudy Fernandez, Rey Malonzo, Beth Bautista, Paquito Diaz, Ruben Rustia, Romy Diaz, Rodolfo Boy Garcia, Ernesto Tan, Tony Carreon, Dick Israel, Vic Varrion,Tita De Villa, Angel Cofiado, Ruben Tizon, Greg Lozano, Robert Rivera, Baldo Marro, Rober Miller, Fred Param, Bomber Moran, Cesar Esguerra, Mel Arca, Dan Francisco, Pons De Guzman, Cherry Grant, Evangeline Folloso, Lope Policarpio , Eric Samonte , Larry Esguerra, Ricardo Segovia, Rita Bernales, David Uy, Nanding Fernadez, Cesar Leyson, Nestor Brillantes, Rene Matias, Sos Daredevils, PIS stuntmen, Ben Johnson.

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