Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato Full Movie (1982)

Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato is a film produced by GPS Film Productions and directed by Pablo Santiago starring Fernando Poe Jr with his leading lady, Marianne de la Riva. This movie was the sequel of Bandido sa Sapang Bato which was shown in 1981. It was first aired as a radio action drama on DZRH

Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato Movie Plot Summary

A man with a shady past, took matters into his own hands to settle a score when pushed to his limits. Daniel Bartolo (FPJ) was living a quiet life with his wife (Marianne de la Riva) which he has neglected for a long time.

This peaceful living though was disturbed by an old man from a nearby town seeking help from Bartolo; his granddaughter has been taken by the plantation owner’s son and to his distress wields power in their small town. Bartolo respectfully declined and chose to be with his wife as he already buried his past.

With a twist of fate, the same old man died with the last wish was for Bartolo to save her granddaughter. Bartolo and his wife were then ambushed at their own house by an unknown group of men. Bartolo protected her wife until the end. Unfortunately, his wife was killed by his enemies and was hanged to death at their own house. Bartolo seeks revenge and took up the responsibility of saving the old man’s granddaughter and confronts the plantation owner and his henchmen. From this confrontation, the story developed and delve into human emotion.

Daniel Bartolo ng Sapang Bato Movie Cast

Fernando Poe Jr, Marianne dela Riva, Jennifer Cortez, Lampel Luis, Ruel Vernal, Max Alvarado, Rodolfo ‘Boy’ Garcia, Jose Romulo, Vic Diaz, Bert Olivar, Vic Varrion, Renato Del Prado, Rene Hawkins, Amay Bisaya, Robert Talabis, and many more.

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