Boyong Mañalac Hoodlum Terminator Movie (1991)

Boyong Mañalac is a Filipino action biopic film based on the life of Alfonso “Boyong” Mañalac of Malabon, a former hoodlum who became a police officer.

Boyong Mañalac Summary

After living a life full of vices, women, and violence, Boyong Mañalac decided to turn his life around and mend his ways by taking after his father, an upright police officer. But because of the image he once had, people were suspicious of him and his motives in joining the police force.

Yet, Boyong solved one crime after another resulting in his fast promotion. And although there were many attempts to bribe Boyong, he never gave in to temptations. This is the reason why many of the people he caught are seeking revenge.

But since they could not get him, they sought his family instead–his son Marlon in particular. Instead of losing hope, the death of his son further motivated him to be more persistent in his drive against illegal activities in Malabon. Living an action-packed life, Boyong Mañalac personifies the ideals of integrity and service to his countrymen.

Boyong Mañalac Cast

Eddie Garcia, Pinky de Leon, Maita Soriano, Edu Manzano, Roi Vinzon, Mylene Zapanta, John Regala, Gary Estrada, Dick Israel, Paquito Diaz, Robert Talby, Subas Herrero, Robert Talabis, Ernie Zarate, Jose Romulo

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