Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo Full Movie (1992)

Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo is a 1986 Filipino action film that starred then-newcomer Jeric Raval.

Produced by Simon Ongpin and directed by the acclaimed Junn P. Cabreira, it was the 2nd movie where Raval worked with Cabreira, the first of which was in the 1991 movie Kalabang Mortal ni Baby Ama.

Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo Movie Plot

In the movie, Jeric Raval plays the lead role of Roberto “Boboy” Salonga, a young temperamental ambitious kid who defies school authorities and ensures that nothing will stand in his way to achieving his goals. Despite his strong personality, his family background haunts him. Being related to the notorious gangster Asiong Salonga, his father believes that his dark characteristics are associated with that of Asiong.

There was no denying that Boboy loves his father and he had no intention of following the footsteps of Asiong. However, his family’s economic status became too much of a burden, and it slowly ate at the core of his personal beliefs.

From petty school mischiefs and troublesome behavior attributed to his young age, Boboy’s notoriety eventually found its way into mainstream society and he had several brushes with the law.

The inevitable happened. Boboy got expelled from school, which opened ugly doors for the young Salonga. He became entangled with the hoodlums of Tondo and eventually became one of the infamous gangsters in the area, feared by many.

Boboy Salonga: Batang Tondo Movie Cast

Jeric Raval, Monica Herrera, Vic Vargas, Mark Gil, Rina Reyes, Francis Magalona, Jennifer Mendoza, Ronnel Victor, Ali Sotto, Dick Israel, Kevin Delgado, Mike Castillo, Gerald Ejercito, Jason Roman, Jed Gavino, Ernie Ortega, Miko Manzon, Jimmy Reyes, Ernie Forte, Vic Belaro, Jerry Acosta

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